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1. Project Assignment

After reviewing and understanding project scope, details, instructions, special requirements and accompanying glossaries or references, the PM looks for the translator that best suits this project. This usually depends on a number of criteria, including the translator's area of specialization, his/her availability, ability to use CAT tools and project deadline (including the possible need for assigning the project to more than one translator).


2. Translation

The selected translator carefully reviews project details and instructions, and starts translating the material into his/her NATIVE LANGUAGE, while referring to the existing glossaries/references, if any. During translation, the translator may raise queries to the PM regarding the translation, which may then, if necessary, be forwarded to the client for further clarification.


3. Peer-review / Proofreading

After the translator completes his/her translation, the PM forwards the project package to another translator for a peer-review. Independent revision is critical in translation projects to make sure that there are no missing or mistranslated parts as well as to make sure that all instructions and references/glossaries have been followed accurately.


4. Formatting

Formatting is an important part of the translation QM process. In this step, the PM or, if necessary, the DTP specialist works on the format to make sure the target file looks like the original source. Font sizes & colors, images, frames, text direction, etc are all checked to make sure they are consistent with the source file and also with the target language.


5. Translator/Reviewer Final Check

The files are then sent back to the original translator or to the reviewer to conduct a final review and make sure that the text has been formatted correctly and that everything is in place.

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